It's our mission to connect your love of coffee to making a difference in the world.


In 2015 Mary had just given birth to our daughter Sawyer and we were finding ourselves feeling awful and helpless as we watched stories on the news of families fleeing Syria.  As much as the distance and complexity of the issues overwhelmed us we were compelled to act. 


A coffee roasting business had always been a dream of ours. Linking that dream to making a difference made perfect sense.  We began testing beans and roast profiles. We decided to use one of our daughter's nicknames for the business.  We were stumped on a logo until our friend and amazing illustrator ( created a hilariously perfect logo that we couldn't resist. Our packaging is purposefully simple.  Our focus is on what's inside, not shiny packaging.  We hope you will consider composting your coffee bags and your spent grounds.  


Our mission is to connect your love of coffee to doing some good in the world. 10% of profits go to charities and we only use organic, fair trade beans. We have also committed to use Cafe Femenino certified coffee which ensures direct profits are shared with the amazing, hardworking women coffee farmers. To learn more about Cafe Femenino and their impact on coffee farming communities click here. We think you'll be as impressed and committed to supporting them as we are. 


Our roasting method is sure to provide you a coffee experience like you've never had before. Saw-Dog Coffee uses a fluid bed roaster and Tom's (super secret) roast profiles to create smooth, flavorful, single origin coffees. Give us a try, you'll taste the difference.