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10% of all Saw-Dog Coffee Roasters head straight to charity.

Our mission is to connect your love of coffee with doing some good in the world.

Locally roasted. Organic. Fair Trade. Cafe Femenino Certified. 

No fancy packaging. Just great coffee.  

Great coffee
That's it - no schtick.

Saw-Dog Coffee was born out of a desire to share great coffee while doing good.  We care about our product and the people and places that make it possible. 


Our beans are fair trade, organic and are from Co-ops that are Cafe Feminino certified, which means we source from farms that provide direct profits to women and support community programs.  Our operation is also solar powered.


Saw Dog packaging isn't fancy - we know you care most about what is inside and so do we.  The kraft bags we use have a compostable (not plastic) lining so when you enjoy the last of your beans, just peel off the sticker, pull off the tin tie, and compost the bag right alongside the grounds.  

What makes Saw-Dog Coffee different?  Most roasters use drum roasters which can handle large quantities of beans and churn out a lot of coffee in a small amount of time.  Saw-Dog Coffee Roasters uses a fluid bed roaster that utilizes forced hot air to roast the beans which allows us to create rich dark roasts without the bitter, burnt taste that prevails in many popular coffees.  This process means we roast very small batches.  It takes us longer but the flavor is worth it.  Taste it and we think you'll agree.